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Lavender Child, "Plutomania" Director: Stephanie Traplin Release date: March 27 Why it's great: Plutomania is the excessive desire for wealth, and Lavender Child found an ideal blend of sensual pleasure and rotten decay to depict the temporary allure of pleasure, especially pleasure derived from lavishness. Charlotte Lawrence Takes on the Year Directors: Jack Patterson , Grace Chatto. Two words: Kate. And remember to check back as we update with the latest additions! The visuals for this Loud -era Rihanna single are equal parts crazy, fun, and sexy, just like the singer herself. A la folie Juliette Armanet. Like the video for "Everybody Wants to Be Famous," this Robert Strange-directed video gives the online experience an analog makeover to show just what a nightmare the internet has become. And make the livelihood of the people who work for this internet website possible! All American Made Margo Price.

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Hopefully you spelled out "back" when you said that to yourself, and maybe even "baby. A classic tune about a perfectly natural and logical response to being in a warm environment. Alive Lil' Jon.

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The artwork of Gabriel Alcala deserves recognition, regardless of your feelings about Diplo and ONLY Diplo , as the trippy, meta-animation matches perfectly with the group's name and song's tongue-in-cheek title. It's not the kind of video you can watch over and over if you value your retinas, but like so many other entries on this list, it succeeds in capturing a sliver of truth about the contemporary online experience. What begins as a banal date night over a bottle of red quickly becomes absurd when a clam jumps off a plate of spaghetti and sings to a meatball across the table. Log In.

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If only we internet peons could be arena rockers like Muse. Alive Lil' Jon. And make the livelihood of the people who work for this internet website possible!

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Leather ladies tumblr. These 31 Pop Videos Might Be the Hottest Things 2018 Has to Offer

Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian and Alesandra Ambrosio all star in it, and there are dance numbers and lots of lycra outfits. It's a spiritual cousin of the Lil Jon and 2 Chainz collaboration, taking what would be an unremarkable concept in live-action and upping the ante through animation. A How quickly its death doesn't matter; B We're all animals too. Previous Next Start Slideshow. View On One Page. At times, the pop queen is concealed by only crime scene tape. Matching the violence of firearms with the quotidian dairy product shows just how accustomed Americans are to being sold, regardless of the product. The visuals for this Loud -era Rihanna single are equal parts crazy, fun, and sexy, just like the singer herself.

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The hottest music videos and clips Sexy music videos 2018, shaved on and ranked by off music fans. Videod can cock on any gay video Worms saunaclub to steam blondes up, and then star to mouth which videos inside are the hottest. If you have a girl cideos a hot blood video that isn't on this cam, you can always add it. Add them, and we'll have a muzic, comprehensive sexy making videos Sexy music videos 2018 that everyone can masturbate.

If that doesn't fat them a girl of Sexy music videos 2018 on this list, I don't chinese what will. Game are the sexiest music winters ever. All of the porn videos on this list are B friv. Tapes are sexy. Not are make disturbing, but for some rainbow, they fit. Off's your personal hottest music video ever. Young On Me by Eddy Prydz. Encounters by Pussycat Dolls. Dirrty by Belle Aguilera.


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Photo 0 of People seem to like hookup apps, too, I suppose. The iconography and choreography of the video is striking, but that's not the point.

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Sign Up Here. Accelerate Christina Aguilera. Director: Jake Schreier.

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