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After attempting to birth the child naturally, Lori tells Maggie to preform a Cesarean Section to safely birth the child. Gradually, the people of Hilltop begin to look to her as a leader. Maggie feeds Judith a bottle of milk with some guidance from Beth. She says her father was, but she feels that no God could be so cruel to her for practicing faith. Later, she is with Beth and Hershel praying, when he tells her daughters he would do anything to protect them. She is also a happy, loving mother to her newborn child. Suddenly, Glenn and the others return to the Boxcar and free the survivors. Kal overhears Gregory insulting him, and gives him the middle finger. At the farm house, Beth is still in a state of shock, not being able to react to anything.

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Food at the Hilltop is becoming scarce, and Dianne fears that rations will have to be cut down further to be able to survive the next week; the situation is worsened if they take the captive Saviors' rations into consideration. Gradually, the people of Hilltop begin to look to her as a leader. He leaves, and Maggie runs into Glenn's arms. Maggie's personality is much like that of her father in that she is strong, intelligent, brave, responsible, innovative, capable, and able to bounce back from the tragedies she faces without letting herself become devastated or weakened by them.

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Beth and Maggie are both devastated when their father is killed by the Governor. While sitting by his side while still unconscious, she promised to her unconscious father that if he needed to die, she would protect and take care of Beth with her life. This is confirmed in "Them" when Maggie reveals to Glenn that she never thought Beth was alive, but hoped she was.

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They fortify the store for safety and Maggie removes string from a book spine for Rosita to use on Abraham's hand. Daryl races up on his bike with a machine gun and guns down several Saviors. Maggie yells back, "Doesn't look like anyone is going does it! Maggie tells the Hilltoppers to do what they need to do but no one leaves.

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Blacklist user Reply. The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. Maggie finds him and he explains to Maggie that the Saviors escaped after Henry opened their pen. She asks where Glenn and Abraham are buried. Maggie is deeply saddened as she walks and sees the many bodies of Alexandrians and The Wolves. By the time she returns, the bus has gone. What's up guys??? Just then, Jesus' group arrives with the captured Saviors. Maggie observes the Hilltop as it rebuilds and fortifies. Neighbours claimed they could see the "domestic godess" naked from her bathroom.

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Maggie, who fled the prison with Sasha and Bob, becomes single-minded in her goal of finding Glenn, dead or alive, especially after she searches the bus now full of walkers. Hershel refuses and goes in, saying that he knows he can help the sick. Maggie finds Andrea and forbids she ever enter the house for leaving Beth to try to commit suicide. Maggie accepts the ring, and the two become engaged.

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She is shown to be a loving daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother. A walker emerges from the woods. Carol, after escaping, reunites with her and undoes the tape binding her hands together. The battle begins in earnest.

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