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GLaDOS' voice is based on voice actor Ellen McLain 's attempts to mimic the playback of her original lines through a digitization process followed by further computer modulation. Do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did? This voice, described as sultry by Wolpaw, was originally to be used for turrets, but it did not work out. I went and spoke with the door mainframe. I guess somebody is going to have to repair it. Speaking of curiosity: you're curious about what happens after you die, right? As part of a required test protocol, we will stop enhancing the truth in three I thought you'd want to know. Well, you found me. In Portal , GLaDOS is Chell's only link with the situation she is placed in; at the game's start, she introduces Chell to the game's Enrichment Center and the physics of the portal gun.

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He later decided that it would be a good idea to do a song featuring one of the voices from the game that would tie up the story at the end. If you want to know what that's like, think back to that time you killed me, and substitute yourself for me. I don't care.

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Very impressive! What's going on out there will make you wish you were back in here. I thought that was interesting. If you want my advice, you should just lie down in front of a rocket.

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Microsoft Windows. I have an infinite capacity for knowledge, and even I'm not sure what's going on outside. No, it's okay, I'll do that too. But the important thing is you're back.

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I'm checking some blueprints, and I think You never considered that maybe I tested you to give the endless hours of your pointless existence some structure and meaning. The developers considered having GLaDOS and Chell act as "buddy cops against a new threat", but felt that since Chell never talked, it would not work. Microsoft Windows. Donate to the OverWiki. The good stuff. You know, deleting Caroline just now taught me a valuable lesson. Well, you passed the test.

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Despite the best efforts of the Enrichment Center staff to ensure the safe performance of all authorized activities, you have managed to ensnare yourself permanently inside this room. The New York Times. Be careful not to trip over any parts of me that didn't get completely burned when you threw them down here. The co-operative campaign includes additional dialog from GLaDOS; the original dialog Wolpaw wrote for GLaDOS was aimed to two women, Chell and a new character "Mel", with the assumption of "image issues", but this dialog remains in place even after the change of the co-op characters to robots.

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Enrichment Center regulations require both hands to be empty before any cake can be served [garbled]. According to Wolpaw, people found the lines funnier than they were worth. Through the course of the game's events, GLaDOS' personality shifts significantly; however, at the end, she resets her personality to her original personality, an action Wolpaw sums up as "explicitly reject[ing] it" and saying "You know what? However, once the player-character escapes, she begins to speak in first-person singular rather than first-person plural.

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