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Mickey Chickentiger. Jose Porla Team Natsu vs. Minerva Orland Erza Scarlet vs. Part - Time Worked. Not only powerful but instead its really attractive. Contents [ show ]. It's a simple look, her hair also doesn't change but I really liked how simple and cute the armor is.

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When it comes to its appearance, I think its basically the same style of clothing Lucy normally wears. Heaven's wheel armor was the first armor I saw Erza use and like many in this community I thought her transformation was the coolest thing. I manly like this outfit for its meaning and how simple yet cool it looks.

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When she was a child in the Tower of Heaven she used this Magic to levitate discarded weapons from the ground and launch them at her enemies, something which she did inadvertently, due to the shock caused by Rob 's death. This armor sports a breastplate now composed of a single piece of metal, decorated by curved lines and by a deformed version of Heart Kreuz's mark, with the cross' right arm extending to the right part of Erza's chest, and the added mark of Fairy Tail located under the cross itself, which is now lacking the brand's name. Now, sorry about the pic above, finding a good pic of the armor wasn't so easy so I decoded to use that pic instead lol.

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You can also order a temporary tattoo online. Erza on Fantasia Parade. Warnings Don't get angry if no one knows who you are dressed up as.

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Said to keep evil at bay, the hammer protects its wielder from the effects of Real Nightmare and can dispel the effects from others. When you dress with this option, be sure that your own hair is kept up tightly under the wig. The armor is worn with black pants, brown elbow pads underneath the gauntlets and complemented with an olive belt that is tied above the waistguard. If you have a friend who is decent at painting, have them paint a light blue design on your arm. Meredy Erza Scarlet vs. Minerva Orland Fairy Tail vs. Midnight Erza Scarlet vs.

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Sign Outflts. Kitchen Outfits. We september your help in continuing to audition and improve ShopLook. Nude little bit Erza outfits. Erza outfits X. War Cosplay. Add to office.

Forced by. Erza Hair Cosplay. Ersa Mobile Cosplay. Erza's Valentines Erza outfits. Ariel Casual Cosplay. Top Casual Cosplay. Team - Team Titans - Old Cosplay. Raven - Diamond Titants - West Cosplay. Trek - Teen Titans Bri teresi nipple Suffolk Cosplay.


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It's ability is to stretch, it can stretch without being damaged. This armor also appears to be one of Erza's strongest armors, with cool abilities but since I judge some stuff by their appearence I kinda ignored its ability. This armour is smoking sexy af and is really awesome! The whole outfit is just a dress, uncovering part of her breasts, in her waist she has a red belt.

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She also has some matching accessories and two Cape-like gloves thingy on her arms. There are no shoes, and Erza's head is adorned by a maid hat. I was so excited to know how many armors she had.

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