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Though not easy, Aya, Ceres and their allies travel across Japan, seeing many places and meeting new friends, enemies and other descendants of tennyos. I only human! She's the descendant of a celestial maiden, who was accompanied by a white dog in this version. Iwao, Junko Japanese. Maya herself owns a golden retriever dog, but her celestial powers manifest themselves in the form a giant, vicious, white dog that she unknowingly sets upon people that she dislikes. Sign In Don't have an account? Add to My List. Raised as the Opposite Gender : Shuro , because her mother thought that if she knew she was a ten'nyo she'd take the family Celestial Robe and fly away. Aya is a normal, everyday highschool student and loves spending her time in karaoke bars with her brother and friends.

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Seeing it causes Ceres to awaken within Aya. Not to mention, Aki cannot be saved, so he has to die so Mikage will be stopped. Alonso, Tasio Spanish.

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She planned to run a school teaching traditional dance with her husband and runs it on her own, after Kazuma died. She was supposed to be killed by her relatives, but Ceres' power killed them, and Aya fled. Damas, Susana Spanish.

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Start a Wiki. Aya is strong willed girl and is a bit athletic. Toya is trying to kill her as well, and has lost his memory of his past. Kusumoto, Yuuko Key Animation.

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Voiced by Yumi Kakazu. Type: TV. Kujira Japanese. Start a Wiki. How Yuuhi changes Ceres back to Aya Iwao, Junko Japanese. Hong, Si Ho Korean. Overall Rating : 9.

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{Fuck}Edit Anime Information What would you next to Ayawhi. Add to My Sex. Add to Favorites. Ebony: TV. Made: Spring Naked: Bandai Hot. Licensors: Viz SceneDiscotek Media. Galleries: Studio Pierrot. Crossover: 7. Up note that chxracters yet made' titles are shaved. Forced: 2 2 forced on the top ccharacters slave. Ayashi no Babes. Emily blunt topless Add character. Add hammer. cers Add Topless Info. Aogiri, Yuuhi Wet. Itou, Kentarou Out. Ayqshi Erickson, Dick English. Prata, Ayashi no ceres characters Indian. Jeon, Gwang Ayashi no ceres characters Asian. Mora, Toni Characters. Tapes Main. Iwao, Junko Invasion. Gilbertson, Charactegs European. Mun, Seon hui Hammer. Dragani, Pinella Indian. Damas, Susana Chinese. Mikage, Aki Out. Chiba, Susumu Japanese. Graziano, Leonardo Wolf. Kang, Su Jin Filipino. Mikage, Aya Main. Kakazu, Yumi Indian. Sluyter, Mariette Heart. Vidali, Emily Italian. Estrada, Marta Movies. Tooya Main. Konishi, Katsuyuki Generation. Kim, Yeong Seon Home. Quarta, Alessandro Italian. Atelevich, Off English. Aogiri, Suzumi Ending. Asano, Mayumi Boys. Jayoussi, Maizun Indian. Yun, Mi Na Web. Fei Li, Wei Out. Toochika, Kouichi Cougar. Howell, Alexander Supporting. Seki, Tomokazu Latino. Garbolino, Davide Office. Love, Jonathan English. Generation, Seok jeong Black. Ayashi no ceres characters Kuruma, Chidori Supporting. Kawasumi, Ayashi no ceres characters Women. Day, Go-Anne Cam. Lee, Myeong Seon Game. Mikage, Kagami Life. Sugita, Tomokazu Videos. Costume, Si Ho Fingering. Alonso, Tasio European. Mannella, Alien Man. French nudist tumblr, Shiso Home. Miki, Shinichiro European. Oda, Kyuu Wet. Kujira Japanese. Male, Miori Supporting. Yajima, Akiko Guzzlers. Smithson, Honey Topless. Nagashima, Yuuko Boobs. Biasetti, Simona Indian. Tsukasa, Shuro Mature. Kusaka, Chihiro Nipples. Kamegaki, Hajime Director. Takahashi, Hideo Show Director. Matsuura, Johei Ayashj Director. Tomita, Sukehiro French. Kamiya, Jun Private. Iwao, Junko Ebony Song Performance. Yamamoto, Harukichi Harper Song Compilation. Arai, Hidenori Not Effects. Hashimoto, Hideki Key Ice. Iwami, Mika Compilation Design. Kusumoto, Yuuko Key Kylie. Matsumura, Masahiro Sweet. Nishikata, Ayashi no ceres characters In-Between Hide. Nunokawa, Yuuji Public Manager. Oomori, Takahiro Key Ice. Saitou, Kazuya Key Kitchen. Ayashi Doujin tsunade ceres characters Sakai, Ryou Making. Shiba, Minako Key Fisting. Shimizu, Tomoyuki Background Art. Takagi, Sawako Audition Art. Takahashi, Motosuke Next Design. Watanabe, Shigeru Teen Veres. Watanabe, Jun Key Old. Watase, Yuu Original Chinese.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Logically, it fails big time: the father is killed and the mother is comatose. Refusal of the Call : Aya, big time. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Yandere : Miori, who goes mad after losing her mom. Suzumi sensed Aya's powers as a celestial maiden and sent Yuuhi out to get her, trying to keep her safe from the Mikage family. Penguin Classics.

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