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Only this time, the Blue have mutated into something unthinkable…. Eventually, in Russia, Yuji and Marlene come across another group of soldiers and devise a battle plan to get back to Second Earth. This isn't true! In , twenty-two years later, Yuji wakes up to find the world overrun by a deadly alien species known as the 'Blue'. Marlene and Yuji arrive at Baikonur, only to find the space base in a state of chaos. He sees this as the "Grand Will of the Earth", in which he will become a "messiah" and cleanse the planet of humanity forever. Director Supporting. Score: 8. Movie 1 eps Dec - Dec , members. When Yuji and Marlene return to Second Earth, they find that Tony plans to ram the medical station into the military station, which would therefore destroy the heart of Second Earth.

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Animation Action Crime. Overall Rating : Rumi warns that it will ruin Mima's reputation, but Mima accepts the part voluntarily.

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Retrieved January 22, Movie 1 eps Nov - Nov 81, members. After beginning an intensive new combat training with the newly-formed Sleeper Brigade, Yuji finds himself the object of another young Sleeper's attention.

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Added to Watchlist. Director: Satoshi Kon. Views Read Edit View history. Since then, Marlene has dedicated and trained herself to defeat the Blue. Marlene is overwhelmed at Yuji's efforts to save her. Retrieved May 6, Internet Movie Database. Release Dates.

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Retrieved June 19, Meanwhile, Tony and an unknowing Alicia have also abandoned the remaining ground forces. On the battlefield he is a force to be reckoned with, but he has an unhealthy obsession with destroying the Blue.

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Movie 1 eps Nov - Nov 90, members. Producers: Rex Entertainment. Coitado esse garoto sim teve.

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