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Watch now. In , she returned to Germany where she won a German television award, the Deutscher Fernsehpreis , for best leading actress. Be the first one to comment! Warner's childhood was spent between Manila, Philippines and various locations in Europe in order to accompany her parents on their travels for the family business In this scene from drama "The Pillars of the Earth", which was released in , Natalia Worner is having sensual sex. Add it to your IMDbPage. How much of Natalia Wörner's work have you seen? Up this week.

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Known For. Deutsche Schauspielerinnen. Edit page.

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That same year, she also starred in Naomi Watts. How much of Natalia Warner's work have you seen?

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Share this page:. How Much Have You Seen? Deutsche Schauspielerinnen.

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Watch now. Natalia Worner Sex on Floor. Aucun commentaire:. Emma Watson II. Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf Maria Häberle. Temple Kate. Sign up Log in. Play Video.

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Naomi Watts. Deutsche Schauspielerinnen. Leonie Verges - Teil 1 Natalia Worner Shows Tits.

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Herself - Team Schwarz. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. She is of English, Russian, Italian and Filipino descent.

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